Spier Sauvignon Blanc – Vintage Selection

Spier Sauvignon Blanc Vintage Selection

Vintage – 2016

Manufacturer – Spier Wine

Region – South Africa – Western Cape – Stellenbosch

Varietal – Sauvignon Blanc

Pricing – $15.99

Acidity – High

Alcohol Content – 13.5%


Bottle – The bottle was dark with a torn looking white label with red, black and gold fonts.

Wine – The color was bright yellow and had a slightly green rim variation.


Scents of vegetation, citrus/grapefruit, stone and tropical notes all hit the nose.


This is a dry Sauvignon Blanc, with a crisp clean texture on the palate. Nice high acidity makes your mouth pucker a bit. The wine moves from the back of the palate to the front.


Initially the vegetal-like notes of grass and bell pepper hit the palate. This is followed by a grapefruit and citrus blend. As I let the wine warm up it a bit, it allowed the tropical flavors to become stronger.


Long finish that consists of mineral and steel.

Overall Experience

I am a huge fan of South African Sauvignon Blancs and the Spier Sauvignon Blanc  did not disappoint. I found this one to have a bit more complexity than most I have had from that region, which really surprised me, but made the experience something great.


Food – Seafood – Mussels, Oysters, Lobster, King Crab

Cigar – Nestor Miranda MaduroFallen Angel or Florida Sun Grown

Wine Publication Ratings

Wine Enthusiast – 90pts.

Winemakers Tasting Notes

Stellenbosch, South Africa- Winemaker Frans Smit has created this beautifully clear single vintage wine with a distinct green tinge and aromas of melon, gooseberry and unripe fig. It is crisp and well-balanced ending in a long and lingering finish. Serve with seafood dishes.

About Spier Wine

Ancient History. New Life.

Going since 1692, Spier is one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms, with a fascinating history and a legacy that the owners never take for granted. Today the farm has a modern, conscious energy. Focused on art and good farming, Spier is about farm-to-table food and accoladed wines. Its people are committed to living and working in ways that bring positive change to our environment and community. The Spier Hotel and conference team invite you to do business in an inspiring atmosphere.

Spier Sauvignon Blanc Vintage Selection