Ropiteau Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2016 – Wine Review

Ropiteau Pinot Noir Bourgogne 2016

This is a review of a Ropiteau Pinot Noir Bourgogne 2016 by Ropiteau Freres. The vintage chosen for this review is the 2016. This wine is from Burgundy, France and is of the Pinot Noir varietal. It has an alcohol content of 13% and can be found at your local store for $14.50.


This wine is clear and pale ruby in color.


The nose is clean with medium intensity aromas. The aromas consist of raspberry, strawberry, red cherry, licorice, vanilla, smoke and some caramel. I would say this wine is developing based on some of the aromas identified earlier.


Wine is dry with medium acidity and medium (-) tannins. It has medium body and flavor intensity as well. Flavors in the profile consists of cranberry, black cherry, black plum, licorice, vanilla, cedar, chocolate and some earth. This wine has a medium length finish.

Overall Experience

Overall, I thought this Ropiteau Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2016 had really good complexity and balance but lacked in intensity and length. Therefore, I would consider this to be a good wine that you can drink now but shows signs for potential ageing.


Food – Ideal with grilled or roasted red beef, veal, meat pie, pot-au-feu, boeuf bourguignon and cheeses like Brillat-Savarin.

Cigar – Caldwell Cigar The King is Dead

Winemakers Notes – Ropiteau Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2016

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COLOUR : Brilliant cherry red.
Predominantly fruity aromas (cherry and alcohol-preserved fruit) with a hint of lime and mint. Its complexity is typical of Pinot Noir.
A round wine with bold fruit underscored by a delicate touch of oak. Good length. Soft and well-balanced.

Production area

This regional appellation may be cultivated throughout wine-growing Burgundy. The appellation covers a surface area of approximately 1854,93 hectares.


Burgundy’s soil is clay-limestone based, yet it varies considerably from village to village. This renders the winemaker’s role all the more important when selecting the grapes.

Ageing potential

5 to 10 years

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