Wine Review: 2015 Gazela Vinho Verde

Basic Information

Name – Gazela Vinho Verde

Vintage – 2015

Region – Portugal – Vinho Verde

Varietal – Loureiro, Pederna, Trajadura

Pricing –  $4.97 – $7.99

Acidity – High

Alcohol – 9%


This wine is clear, pale lemon in color.


The condition of the wine is clean. It has medium intensity aromas of florals, citrus fruits, mineral and grass. When it gets a little warmer, green apple notes come forth as well.


This wine is dry with high acidity. It is light body wine with the same aromas that move right from the nose to the palate. Notes of floral, citrus, grass and mineral. Also has a malolactic fermentation creaminess to it that really reveals itself when the wine gets warmer.

Overall Experience

The Gazela Vinho Verde from Gazela Wine is a good wine with light body for a really hot day and refreshing flavors with a hint of a sparkling component. Light on alcohol content so it’s perfect a midweek “at home” happy hour! I really thought it was a great wine for an unbeatable price.


Food – Shellfish and Vegan

Cigar – H. Upmann Reserve Maduro

Wine Publication Ratings

Beverage Dynamics – 88pts.

Winemakers Tasting Notes

A light and refreshing Vinho Verde with a very soft citrine yellow color and slight fizz that stimulates the palate. An aromatic, flavorful bouquet, and notes of tropical fruit. Well balanced with a slight touch of sugar.

About Gazela Wine (Source Gazela Website)

Gazela is a Sogrape brand that lives up to its name. More than the spirit of good wine, Gazela holds the soul of a bon vivant. Bottled and available for sale in over 50 countries. Gazela means, among many other things, simplifying life. And that means yours too. Whether you are relaxing after a business meeting or during an evening date, Gazela will never fail you.

And if Gazela makes life taste good, is because at Sogrape we believe that every bottle you open is a pleasure. Before we go, just one more thing …: Be responsible. If you drink Gazela, don’t drive.