2015 Emmolo Merlot by Emmolo Wines – Wine Review

Emmolo Merlot by Emmolo Wines

This review is of an Emmolo Merlot 2015 by Emmolo Wines. This wine is from the Napa Valley region of California. The grapes of this wine are of the merlot varietal. The alcohol content is 15% and retails for about $53.99.


Bottle – The bottle is green with a beige and copper label with green font.

Wine – Wine is a dark reddish purple in color.


Pleasant aromas of dark fruits on the nose. Distinct blackberry, plum and raspberry notes are dominant along with some oak components. This wine is developing.


This is a full bodied merlot with medium acidity with a higher tannin level. Great fruit notes are what hit the palate first. Blackberry and plum are the primary fruits. Some earthy, leather like notes and chocolate are some other flavors to look for. The finish is nice and long with chocolate and oak sitting on the palate nicely.


We loved the 2015 Emmolo Merlot from Emmolo Wines as we do many of the Wagner family wines. We enjoyed this one at Capital Grille in Miami during the Wagyu and Wine Pairing event. The experience of a full bodied merlot with dark fruits and other non-fruit components make it not only interesting, but incredibly enjoyable from sip to sip. This wine can be for drinking now, but suitable for further aging.

Suggested Pairing

Cigar – Gurkha Special OpsCAO ExtremeDavidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour or Caldwell All Out Kings

Food – Lamb, Beef, Wagyu Burger

Wine Ratings and Awards

Wilfred Wong – 91pts.

Emmolo Wines Winemakers Tasting Notes

Grapes for this wine were sourced from Napa Valley’s Oak Knoll district, which includes two family vineyards. The area’s cooler weather, along with crop thinning and gravelly light soil, creates ideal conditions for producing a rich, distinctive Merlot. This wine is lush and supple on the palate, with expansive, dark berry flavors, a fresh earthiness, and smooth, leathery tannins.

“On an average summer day, Oak Knoll is about 7 degrees cooler than Rutherford, allowing for a longer “hang time” than in warmer areas, which means that we can push the grapes to full ripeness. Overall, the 2015 growing season was dry and warm, with a low yield, which lends itself to growing high quality fruit. This vintage achieved the ideal ripeness level to product a rich, distinctive Merlot.”

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