Wine Review: Castello di Amorosa Chardonnay 2016

Basic Information

Name – Castello di Amorosa Chardonnay 2016

Vintage – 2016

Region – USA – California – Napa Valley

Varietal – Chardonnay

Pricing – $36.00

Alcohol – 14.5


Wine is clear with pale, lemon color characteristics.


The condition is clean and light from an intensity standpoint on the nose. The aromas are filled with citrus fruits, peach, vanilla and oak.


This is a dry wine with medium acidity and a full body. The flavor characteristics are similar to the nose with citrus fruits, apple, vanilla and toasted oak dancing on the palate.


A long lasting vanilla flavor finish.

Overall Experience

A good wine overall. Pretty standard for a California chardonnay with a profile that you would anticipate. This was not a real complex wine and the higher oak flavor threw off the balance a bit. Would I drink it again? If it were being poured sure. Would I go out of my way to find it on a menu, probably not.


Food – Crab, Chicken and Vegetables

Cigar – La Boheme or Trinidad

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Winemakers Tasting Notes

Subtle flavors of apple and citrus balanced with a buttery texture and slight toasted oak make this a food friendly wine and great for sipping.

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Castello di Amorosa Chardonnay 2016