Wine Review: Belles Grives Morgon

Basic Information

Name – Belles Grives Morgon

Region – France – Beaujolais

Vintage – 2015

Varietal – Gamay

Pricing –  $14.99

Alcohol –  13%


The label is white with black and baby blue font along with a drawing of a bird. The wine is a lighter garnet in color with ruby red rim variation.


Cherry and raspberry fruits hit the nose followed by a musty like component and spice.


Extremely dry chalky in texture. Definitely medium tannins. Medium body.


Light cherry hits with some earthy notes hit the palate. There is a slight spice to this wine.


Mineral, metallic like finish that lingers on the palate long after your sip.

Overall Experience

I suggest letting this Belles Grives Morgon breathe a while before drinking as it took a while for the real flavor profile to come out. I thought this was an enjoyable Beaujolais with just enough fruit and non-fruit flavor components to keep the mind at work. The earthiness is definitely something I enjoy in wine, so if that’s your style, this would be a good one for you.


Food – Veal, Pork or Poultry

Cigar – Exactus MaduroRomeo San AndreasTatuaje The Monster Michael or Undercrown Maduro

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Winemakers Tasting Notes

This Belles Grives Morgon is smooth, with intoxicating scents of cassis, plum, violet and rose. The palate is filled with sweet, revealing waves of red fruit. Subtle, and hints at a beautiful maturity.