Wine Review: 2015 Domaines Barons de Rothschild Legende Bordeaux Blanc

Basic Information

Name – 2015 Barons de Rothschild Legende Bordeaux Blanc

Region – France – Bordeaux

Varietal –  55% Sauvignon Blanc, 45% Semillon

Pricing –  $15.99

Acidity – High

Alcohol –  12%


The wine is pale straw in color with a slight green rim variation.


Citrus and grapefruit hit the nose first followed by a white floral and light mineral, wet stone like aroma.


This is a fuller bodied Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon than I’m used to. It has a soothing texture, almost like Fiji water. It is a dry wine with bright acidity.


White peach hits the palate first with a subtle tangy citrus note and some white floral bouquet flavors. However, the dominant flavor overall is mineral. This has a long lasting mineral finish.

Overall Experience

I don’t think this particular wine was in my wheelhouse. The nose gave off more fruit than the actual taste of the wine. I’m used to mineral as a sub-flavor or finish whereas this wine it was the main course. I think if mineral is something you really enjoy in large doses then you will thoroughly enjoy this wine. For me it just did not live up to my expectations.


Food – Seafood

Cigar – Bellas ArtesLa Aroma De CubaCohiba Behike, CAO Black or Oliva Connecticut Reserve

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Winemakers Tasting Notes

Pale straw with glints of green. Elegant, seductive, dominated by mineral notes (gun flint) mingled with aromas of white fruit and acacia flowers. Very flavorful on the palate; full-bodied and rounded on the attack (with a sensation of sweetness), it finishes with fresh, aromatic notes, dominated at this stage by the (citrus) Sauvignon.

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