Wine Review: Domaine Carneros Avant Garde Pinot Noir

Basic Information

Name – 2016 Domaine Carneros Avant Garde Pinot Noir

Vintage – 2016

Region – USA – Napa Valley – Carneros

Varietal – Pinot Noir

Pricing – $29.00

Alcohol – 14.2%


This wine is clear and pale purple in color.


The nose is clean with medium intense aromas. Aromas consist of red fruit like cherry but also hints of sweet spice and oak.


This is a dry wine with high acidity, low tannins and light to medium body. The flavor profile followed the nose for the majority with baked red fruits in the realm of cherry mixed with that sweet spice and oak. There is a nice medium to medium + finish of oak and dark chocolate.

Overall Experience

The Domaine Carneros Avant Garde Pinot Noir was a good wine in general. Not overly impressive but both drinkable and enjoyable at the same time. If you are comparing the other Pinot Noirs from this vineyard side by side, you will see a difference, if not then you will more than likely enjoy this wine. I personally think for the price point there are better options out there in the Pinot Noir spectrum!


Food – Chicken and Turkey

Cigar – Aging Room Solera MaduroPlasencia 146 Cosecha or New World Puro Especial 

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Winemakers Tasting Notes

This blend exhibits the most fragrant characteristics present in select lots from these vineyards. Extremely aromatic, the theme continues on the palate with baked cherry pie, dark boysenberry, and savory tobacco leaf.

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