Wine Review: 2014 Conundrum Red Blend

Basic Information

Name – 2014 Conundrum Red Blend

Region – California

Sub Region – NAPA Valley

Vintage – 2014

Varietal Components – Zinfandel and Petite Syrah

Pricing – $22 – $24

Alcohol Content – 15.2%


Bottle – The bottle is dark with a yellowish tint in light. The newly revamped conundrum logo is a steel blue with gold and a red band horizontal across the center.

Wine – The wine is Violet / Dark Garnet in color with a bright ruby red rim variation. The wine is slightly dense so minimal transparency.


The initial aroma is fresh red berries like raspberry and blackberry mixed with a slight anisette. Picked up a subtle spice and oak. The alcohol scent was pretty strong once I took it in deep into the nasal passages.


The texture is rich, smooth and silky on the palate. Medium tannins balance this wine with the flavors.


On the palate, I immediately got some raspberries and plum. It moves from the middle of your tongue to the tip. Picked up some oak in this as well as some chocolate notes.


This finished with a nice bittersweet chocolate that lingers for a long time on the back of your palate.


Overall I think this wine is a great one from the Wagner family. It definitely love this wine for grille like meals. I had this with a NY Strip with Montreal steak seasoning, which was a phenomenal experience.

Suggested Pairing

Cigar – Antano Dark CorojoArchetype Axis Mundi or Romeo y Julieta 505 Nicaragua

Food – Lamb, Poultry, Veal, Beef

Wine Ratings and Awards

Cellar Tracker – 88pts.

Winemakers Tasting Notes

This dark red wine opens with the aromas of plums and rich berries, its earthiness overlaid with the subtle richness of cocoa. On the palate are concentrated flavors of dried, dark fruit, lush chocolate-covered cherries and a smokiness that makes this wine the perfect complement to many dishes. Sturdy tannins are rounded out by the ripeness of the berries for a texturous but smooth feel. The finish is long and serious, with a toasted quality of oak and layers of rich flavor that slowly trail off, enticing you back for another sip.

About Conundrum Wines

It all began at the dinner table. Charlie Wagner Sr., who co-founded Caymus Vineyards in 1972 with his wife, Lorna, and son, Chuck, would mix wines to find the perfect glass to pair with his meal. No one blended wines back then, so his experiment was pretty radical.

Fast forward to 1989, when Conundrum White was born, quickly taking off with its mysterious, tropical notes and amazing versatility. Conundrum Red, serious yet approachable, was introduced in 2011. Today, it’s Charlie’s grandson, Charlie Wagner II, who keeps Conundrum as original as ever.