Villiger La Meridiana – Cigar Review

Villiger La Meridiana

This is a cigar review of a Villiger La Meridiana by Villiger Cigar. The size chosen is the Toro Box Press (6×54), which has an MSRP of $10.60 per stick. This cigar is a medium to full bodied Nicaraguan puro which means all of the tobacco composition is from this location.


This cigar looks like a Hershey’s chocolate bar with its rich chocolate color wrapper and pressed body that is solid as it gets. There are some tiny thin veins and slightly visible yet tight seams. 


Beautiful aromas of chocolate and nuts engulf the nasal passage along with a cold draw of a nutty raisin note. We cut the Villiger La Meridiana with a straight cut.

After Toast:

First Third – Notes of chocolate, coffee  and earth dance together on the palate to start this off. A light underlying raisin like cedar note and some brown sugar on the finish. The burn is razor sharp and ash holds through the third. 

Second Third – The chocolate and coffee notes mixed with earth and light leather all hit the palate in this third. There is a citric tangy cedar  like note here as well. Few minutes in here the earthy note gets a smoked wood like tone to it. The burn remains sharp and ash falls at the halfway point. 

Final Third – The chocolate, coffee and tangy citric notes carry into this third. These notes continue to act like a bouquet on the palate and balance perfectly. The burn remains sharp.

Suggested Pairing:

Scotch – Glenlivet 18

Liqueur – Grand Imperial Orange Liqueur

Overall Experience:

This Villiger La Meridiana is an absolute flavor bomb! There are so many things happening in this smoke that any cigar connoisseur is sure to find this as a real treat for their palate. Each of the thirds keep the core of chocolate and coffee, but they each add their own subtle twists of secondary flavor notes that really keep you wanting to take another puff to make sure your not missing anything. The one really distinct thing about this cigar that I found was the finish was one of the longest and complex I have experienced. Not only did the the flavor linger, but it changed as it faded, which was really cool. A go to cigar to impress on a business venture or just a night out with the guys!

Villiger Meridiana Background Story

Recently obtaining a 92 rating by Cigar Journal, the Villiger Meridiana was released in 1998 and has gained a loyal following, among full-flavored cigar enthusiasts in Europe. The Villiger Meridiana was conceived by Heinrich Villiger, as a way to pay tribute to some long lost Cuban cigar heritage. 

The Villiger La Meridiana bases its historical roots, in a long forgotten Cuban factory named “La Meridiana”. The factory owned by Pedro Murias, was once of the largest and most well-known cigar factories, which determined the cityscape of Havana at the end of the 19thcentury. Sadly, Murias was forced to sell La Meridiana factory due to unrest in Cuba during the Cuban war of Independence. The sale went through shortly after the war ended in 1898, and just like that, Pedro Murias along with the original La Meridiana cigar factory became a fading memory. 

The resurrection of “La Meridiana” came from Heinrich Villiger’s love of everything Cuban. During his many trips to Cuba he discovered the name and rich history of the Meridiana factory, and thought to create a full-flavored cigar, beautiful and elegant enough to carry on the La Meridiana name in honor of Pedro Murias.

The Villiger La Meridiana is a Nicaraguan full-flavored puro. This blend features complex flavors without overpowering the palate of the smoker. The uniquely distinct hue of the wrapper and flavor are born out of a special aging process of the tobacco which takes approximately four years.

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Villiger La Meridiana
Villiger La Meridiana
Villiger La Meridiana