Vegas Del Purial Gran Reserva – Cigar Review

Vegas Del Purial Gran Reserva

This is a cigar review of a Vegas Del Purial Gran Reserva by El Galan Cigars. The size chosen for this review is the Grand Toro. This cigar is made up of an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and fillers. This is a medium bodied smoke that prices around $9.00.


This Vegas Del Purial Gran Reserva is solid to the touch with a light milk chocolate like colored wrapper. This cigar has some visible veins and seams. This is triple banded with the two primary bands and then a bright yellow ribbon on the foot. 


Aromas of sweet chocolate and spice entice the nasal ways and get the palate salivating. The cut we used was the Xikar XO straight cut. The cold draw produces a syrupy cedar type note.

After Toast:

First third – ​A syrupy cedar wood like note and spice start this cigar off upon light. A nice spicy oak note mixed with that molasses and spice hold down the third once it settles in. The body is medium, burn slightly wavy and ash holds through the third. 

Second Third – Notes of Vanilla syrup and nutmeg with subtle spice enters the fold. The body remains medium, burn is wavy and ash falls at the beginning of this third. 

Final Third – Spicy Cedar and sweet spice return with that light molasses syrupy note all balance nicely to finish this smoke off. The body is medium and burn remains wavy. 

Suggested Pairing:

Wine – Tenuta Di Renieri Chianti

Scotch – Aberfeldy

Overall Experience:

This is the first experience I have ever had with this brand and let me tell you it did not disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I truly enjoyed this Vegas Del Purial Gran Reserva experience. The syrup notes with wood, vanilla, nutmeg and molasses all added to the depth and complexity of this smoke. This is one worth picking up if you can find it.


Cigar Aficionado – The Lancero – 91pts.

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