SYN Original Habano – Cigar Review

SYN Original Habano

This is a cigar review of the SYN Original Habano by SYN cigars. The vitola used for this review is the Salomon. This cigar is composed of a 5 year aged Habano HVA, which is a Cuban varietal grown in the Dominican Republic. The binder is 5 year aged medium bodied Dominican Tobacco followed by 2 year aged Corojo as the filler! This cigar is a medium to full bodied smoke experience.

“Tabacalera SYN debuts 2 luxurious cigars in the Salomon and Petite Robusto sizes, both available in Habano and Maduro wrappers. Exuberant with the impressionable SYN ring, each cigar is carefully swathed by hand in a silky sheath to enhance its air of opulence. But most importantly through our strict inspection process there are absolutely no compromises when it comes to the construction, density, draw, burn and aromatic complexity of the cigar. Each SYN cigar is indeed a precious work of art on its own.”


Thus Syn Original Habano has a beautiful reddish brown wrapper with a nice oily shine. There are a handful of tiny veins visible and the seams are completely invisible!. The tapered ends of the Salomon size really adds to the radiance of the visual! This cigar just feels rich in your hand and definitely will play ball in the luxury cigar market.


Aromas of cedar, wood and a light Molasses all radiate from this wrapper. We utilized the straight cut, which produced sweet cedar and light molasses notes.

After Toast:

First third – ​Notes of sweet cedar, molasses and earthy undertones start this off followed by a light black pepper on the finish. Some nice floral notes perfume the palate along with the cedar and molasses notes as this warms up. The wood like notes take the stage lead by a nice cedar with a nice vanilla undertone similar to what you get in an oak aged wine. The burn is slightly wavy, but that’s not uncommon for this shaped vitola. The body is a solid medium and ash falls at the end of the third.

Second Third – The wood and vanilla like notes with the sweet molasses and pepper on the finish. I get a little orange peel towards the center of the stick which is a refreshing note that quickly fades. Really nice transition. The body turns medium plus and burn remains slightly wavy.

Final Third – The cedar and oak notes really amp up here towards the finish with a nice light spice note. The sweetness fades off and peppery notes linger for a long time on the finish. The body gets towards the medium plus side and burn sharpens up!

Suggested Pairing:

  • Bourbon – Ironroot Harbinger XC Straight Bourbon
  • Scotch – Balvenie 14 yr Caribbean Cask
  • Tennessee Whiskey – Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Overall Experience:

Overall this Syn Original Habano is a great overall smoke experience that provided an abundance of various flavors within the profile. The woodsy lead notes with some intermingling pepper, orange peel and molasses really gave this smoke some complexity and depth. We think this cigar is a buy if you can find it at a local brick in mortar or find out more about where they are sold at the SYN Cigars Website listed below. Enjoy!

About SYN Cigars – (Source –

SYN Cigars is a new quest in purveying the art of fine living by business entrepreneur Joseph Casimir.  His passion for cigars sparked during the first week at university in 1990. While flipping through the Robb Report magazine instead of a quantum physics book, he by chance saw a cigar advert with the tagline: “only 0.0000…1% of the world’s population gets to smoke this cigar, the rest are just poor bastards.” Determined not to be a “poor bastard”, he began learning about the enjoyment of cigars. Three decades later—after various business ventures and more adventures—Casimir, now an avid cigar smoker and collector, founded Tabacalera SYN in the Dominican Republic.  He is dedicated to produce the finest cigars accessible to the whole world, inspired by the beauty of nature and human ingenuity.

SYN Original Habano
SYN Original Habano
SYN Original Habano