Our Top 9 Rosé Wines to Try this Summer 2018

‘Tis the Season of Rosé – Our Top 9 Rosé Wines to Try this Summer

The summer is quickly approaching and you bet we’ll be sipping our favorite blush-colored wine at the beach, barbeques, picnics, and vacation. It is summer year round here in Florida so we did our boozy research and tried various types of Rosé wines from all over the world. We’ve compiled our top 9 that won’t break the bank for a refreshing light sip this season. Let us know what you think about our selections by dropping us a comment on our blog or Facebook.  Without further adieu here are “Our Top 9 Rosé Wines to Try this Summer”.

Happy Rosé wine Season!

1. Olema Rosé 2017 – Provence, France – $16.99

Our Tasting Notes – This is a dry wine with high acidity and a light to medium – body. The flavor profile consists of roses, strawberries and melon with a long, crisp mineral finish.

Olema Rose Wine

2. Fleurs De Prairie Rosé 2017- Provence, France – $12.99 – $19.99

Our Tasting Notes – The profile from the nose transfers to the palate with lively flavors of strawberry, raspberries and roses. This is a dry wine with high acidity and lighter body. There is a slight hint of citrus such as a grapefruit also. The finish is medium in length with some minerality.

Fleurs de Prairie Rose Wine

3. Mulderbosch Rosé 2016 – Stellenbosch, South Africa – $10.99

Our Tasting Notes – Watermelon comes through on the palate along with tartness. Slight vegetal notes show themselves along with nice medium + length minerality on the finish.

Mulderbosch Rose Wines

4. Kim Crawford Rosé 2016 – Hawkes Bay, New Zealand – $15.00 – $18.00

Our Tasting Notes – The wine is light bodied and crisp on the palate with notes of watermelon, strawberry fruit, and slightly tart. Some hibiscus floral notes show themselves followed by strong minerality on the medium length finish, which is typical for New Zealand light wines.

Kim Crawford Rose wine

5. Angeline Rosé 2016 – North Coast, California – $11.50 – $13.00 

Our Tasting Notes – This wine has a high acidity and is light on the palate. Strong blast of fruit predominantly strawberries, watermelon and a slight green apple, which is a little tart. Later on some citrus notes such as a grapefruit show up. The finish is a nice mineral / floral combination that leaves your palate refreshed.

Angeline Rose Wines

6. Meiomi Rosé 2016 – California – $19.99 – $21.99

Tasting Notes – A dry, smooth velvety rosé that coats the palate more so than most rosé’s in this article. Sweet strawberries and cream are first to hit the palate followed by ripe green honey dew and a pink grapefruit citrus. It also has a slight floral note. The finish is medium in length with a clean steely like note.

Meiomi Rose wine

7. Belle Glos Rosé 2017 – Sonoma County, California – $19.99

Tasting Notes – This is a dry wine with light to medium body. This wine also has high acidity to it. The flavor profile consists of bright citrus with grapefruit zest and melon initially tantalizing the palate. This is then followed by your traditional rosé flavor of red berries such as strawberry and raspberry. The finish is medium in length with a touch of crisp mineral. I let this sit for a bit to see if the rise in temperature would uncover any additional flavors and the finish changed over to a spicy oak. A nice variation to the ending.

Belle Glos Rose Wine

8. Domaine Loubejac Rosé 2016 – Willamette Valley, Oregon – $14.99

Tasting Notes – This is a lighter to medium bodied yet crisp rosé. It has a slight creaminess in texture with a softness to the feeling of the wine on the palate. The flavor profile of this wine is full of bright peach, strawberry and cream. Shortly followed by a citrus note. This wine has a medium finish that consists of a mineral like component.

Domaine Loubejac Rose Wine

9. Matua Rosé 2017 – Marlborough, New Zealand – $9.99

Tasting Notes – This wine is dry with high acidity. It  is medium minus in body. The flavors consist of strawberry, citrus fruits, cream and a subtle bell pepper or green component in here. The finish is medium in length and full of mineral notes.

Matua Rose