Cigar Review: Nub Café Cappuccino

Basic Information: Nub Café Cappuccino

Manufacturer – Oliva Cigars

Size – 4×60

Wrapper – Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade 

Tobacco Blend – Nicaragua

Pricing – $6.95

Body – Mild


This Nub Café Cappuccino is a beautiful orange brown in color with some fine veins running up the vertical. Seams are tight and near invisible. 


Aroma – Sweet Creamy Cappuccino Foam

Type of Cut – Punch 

Cold Draw – Sweet sugar, Raisin and cream. 

After Toast:

First Half – The Nub Café Cappuccino starts off with sugar, coffee and touches of cedar that intermingle in this half. The sweetness really lingers on your lips for a long time. The burn is wavy, and ash holds until the mid point! 

Final Half – The creamed coffee notes mixed with some cinnamon come through this portion of the cigar as the sweetness settles down a bit. The burn remains wavy. 

Suggested Pairing:

Wine – Dolce

Coffee – Coffee with Cream

Overall Experience:

This Nub Café Cappuccino is a decent infused cigar that is probably just the right size for the experience. Personally I am not a huge fan of that sugary component on the lips, but I did enjoy the stick especially when the cinnamon notes came through and the sweetness settled in. Would I run to buy this again, probably not, but if it came in a sampler or I stumbled across it in passing I wouldn’t turn it down.

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Nub Café Cappuccino