Nat Sherman 1930 – Cigar Review

Nat Sherman 1930 Collection

This is a cigar review of a Nat Sherman 1930 Collection by Nat Sherman Cigars. The size chosen for this review is a corona grande. The cigar make up consists of a Dominican wrapper and Dominican / Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler. This is a full bodied smoke and goes for about $9.25 at your local shop!


This Nat Sherman 1930 is a rich coffee bean brown with lots of tiny veins and fairly invisible seams.  


Aroma – Cedar, Raisin, Urine

Type of Cut – Straight

Cold Draw – Cedar, Light Raisin

After Toast:

First Third – Cocoa and spice start this off with some wood notes. A peppery notes sits heavy on the palate during the finish. A medium plus body here. The burn is sharp and ash holds falls relatively quickly on this smoke. 

Second Third – Spice turns to pepper then finishes with wood like notes on the finish. The body picks up to the full side here.  The burn turns wavy. 

Final Third – The Cocoa comes back into the mix with the spice notes that hit prior to the finish of heavy pepper. The body remains medium plus to full. The burn remains sharp wavy. 

Suggested Pairing:

Scotch – Glenfiddich 15yr

Wine – Col Solare Cabernet

Overall Experience:

This Nat Sherman Host is a solid cigar with a nice flavor profile. It’s not the best thing we have ever had, but certainly did the trick on a beautiful day for some mindful minutes. I do think there are better options out there for this price point that provide a more complex experience. Would I have again, sure. Would I go out looking for this smoke, probably not.


Cigar Aficionado – 87pts.

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Nat Sherman 1930