Macanudo Gold Label – Cigar Review

Macanudo Gold Label

This is a cigar review of a Macanudo Gold Label by Macanudo Cigar. The size chosen for this review is the Duke of York (robusto), which is composed of a Connecticut Shade wrapper and Dominican and Mexican blend. This is a mild smoke experience that prices around $7.60 at your local shop.


This Macanudo Gold Label is pale walnut in color with fine veins and invisible seams. 


A pretty simple aroma on the nose of light cedar. The cut we used for this cigar is the Xikar XO straight cut. The cold draw follows the nose with straight up cedar notes.

After Toast:

First third – ​Toasted bread like notes start this off with a bit of a charred taste. Some vanilla notes show up lightly a few minutes into the smoke. Also, a very soft and light citrusy note almost lime like hits the palate. The burn is sharp, and ash holds through the third.

Second Third – The light citrus, vanilla and toast carry into this third. This is a mild smoke. The burn remains sharp and ash fell at the halfway point. 

Final Third – The citrus picks up a bit but still mild. The vanilla sits nicely on the finish followed by the charred toast note. The burn remains sharp. 

Suggested Pairing:

Wine – Kirkland Pinot Grigio

Bourbon – Makers Mark

Overall Experience:

This Macanudo Gold Label is a pretty good smoke for a mild cigar. Few different things happening within the flavor profile to add some complexity such as the toasted bread, charred notes and citrus mixed with vanilla. While the notes are very light, they are present in abundance. This is a good smoke for the early morning when you just want to get your day started slowly. I have smoked this cigar on many occasions and it never disappoints.


Cigar Aficionado – 86pts.

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Macanudo Gold Label
Macanudo Gold Label