Las Calaveras 2019 – Cigar Review

Las Calaveras 2019

This is a cigar review of the Las Calaveras 2019 by Crowned Heads. The size chosen for this review is the robusto. This cigar is composed of a Habano Oscuro wrapper followed by a Nicaraguan blend of tobaccos. This is a medium plus bodied smoke that retails around $11.10 per stick.


This Las Calaveras is a beautiful milk chocolate brown in color with quite a few veins and invisible seams. This cigar is double banded with a red and gold main and a Crowned Heads logo foot band in gold.


Aromas of cedar, vanilla and spice all come forth on the pre-light sniff test ritual. The cut we used here is the straight cut, which produced notes of cedar and spice on the cold draw.

After Toast:

First third – ​Vanilla spice, cedar and white pepper hit the palate to start this smoke off. There is a dry leathery note on the palate through the finish. The cigar gets woodsy towards the middle of this third with the leather still hitting the finish. The body is medium plus, burn is sharp and ash holds through the third.

Second Third – Vanilla spice and almond take over at the transition beautifully. The spice note begins to hold the finish and white pepper subsides in this third. The body turns medium, burn remains sharp and ash falls at the halfway point.

Final Third – The final third smokes really warm. With the white pepper, spice and wood notes really amping up the experience. The body moves back to medium plus and burn remains sharp.

Suggested Pairing:

  • Bourbon – Garrison Bros Small Batch
  • Whiskey – Uncle Nearest 1856
  • Scotch – Lagavulin 16yr

Overall Experience:

This Las Calaveras 2019 started off as a complete complex flavor bomb that really throws the palate for a whirl in a good way. The second third really settles in to the primary notes of the smoke, but then brings you 180 back to some of the powerful notes in the final third. I really enjoyed this stick and think for the price point its perfect for the complexity level it achieves.


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Las Calaveras 2019