Cigar Review: Romeo y Julieta Reserve

Basic Information:

Name – Romeo y Julieta Reserve

Size – Toro

Wrapper – ​Nicarauan

Tobacco Blend – Nicaraguan and Honduran

Pricing – $3.67 – $5.40

Body – Medium


Band is brown, pastel yellow and has gold trim.

The cigar is a nice bright walnut color with an orange-like hue. Silky smooth, oily with a nice shine.


Aroma – Sweet Natural Tobacco

Type of Cut – V-Cut

Cold Draw – Sweet Cedar

After Toast:

First third – ​​Initial flavor is a rich nut followed by a nice natural tobacco. After you release the smoke you feel a black pepper begin to build up on the back of your throat like a crescendo then fades. Lengthy finish. Little while laster, a sweeter earth note comes in with a slight vanilla spice undertone. The burn is wavy. The ash dark gray and fell off at the inch mark.

Second Third – ​ ​​​Second third starts off earthy but the finish to a black licorice. Toward the half way point a leathery note comes in while the licorice moves to the finish along with a barely-there pepper.  Smooth as it gets right now. Burn remained slightly wavy.

Final Third – ​Cigar gets creamy with leather in this third and the pepper kicking back up on the finish.  Burn remained wavy.

Suggested Pairing:

Bourbon – Makers Mark

Wine – Cottesbrook Sauvignon Blanc or  Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir

Overall Experience:

This Romeo y Julieta Reserve is a great inexpensive cigar. When I first began my career and didn’t have much to live on this was the one stick I used to keep in my humidor regularly and can say I still do to this day. One summer my parents picked these up for me at JR Cigars in North Carolina and I absolutely loved them. They used to be called Habana Reserves but have since changed the branding. Overall for the price, the experience is awesome. It is a great stick to break out when you have people who do not really smoke cigars joining you for the evening because it won’t break the bank and the experience for you and them will be enjoyable. I recently bought these for my employees at a Christmas party and they were a hit. Before you knew it all the guys were outside and ditched their wives and dates for a good employee bonding smoke. (The ladies eventually got the picture none of us were going to dance with them and came outside as well…. Party over)


Cigar Aficionado – 89pts.

About Romeo y Julieta –