Cigar Review: Nica Libre

Basic Information:

Name – Nica Libre 

Size – Toro – Box Pressed 

Wrapper – San Andres Maduro 

Tobacco Blend – Nicaraguan 

Pricing – $3.25 ea.  

Body – Medium  


Band is black with gold font and trim. Flat on top and jagged on the bottom. The cigar is milk chocolate in color with some reddish undertones. Triple capped.


Aroma – Barn/hay are predominant scents, maybe slight cedar too.  

Type of Cut – Straight cut  

Cold Draw – Sweet Cedar, light raisin with good resistance on the draw, not too loose.  

After Toast: 

First Third – Immediately upon toasting this cigar the espresso/black coffee notes come forward on the palate along with some black peppery notes on the retro hale that sticks to the back of your throat on the finish.  Few minutes later that strong black coffee flavor mellows into a lighter coffee with cream.  Towards the end of the first third it begins to transition into a darker cocoa.  Slight wave on the burn. The ash is snow white and holding strong.  

Second Third – The transition into darker cocoa flavor takes a turn to roasted nuts with bitter sweet dark chocolate.  The ash fell off a little over an inch long.  The pepper is still present; however, the strength of the pepper has lessened.  The wavy burn continues.  

Final Third – Dark chocolate and hazelnut/creamed coffee flavors are full force and clearly identified.  The pepper begins to kick back up to give a longer finish.  

Suggested Pairing:  

Meiomi Chardonnay – The cigar will mellow the oak flavor in the chardonnay, which will help you reveal and identify the other flavors of this wine and enhance the experience.  

Sweet Bourbon – This is not a very sweet cigar, so the sweeter bourbons will help balance the experience.  

Overall Experience: 

Overall for the money you cannot beat these Nica Libre Cigars.  It is a staple in my humidor and gives full rich flavors that are worthy of spending an hour and half savoring over a good intellectual conversation with friends or colleagues.  

About Nica Libre Cigars: 

This cigar was created by AJ Fernandez as an inexpensive alternative to the Padron Anniversary Maduro.