Gurkha Centurian – Cigar Review

Gurkha Centurian

This is a cigar review of the Gurkha Centurian by Gurkha Cigar. The size chosen for this review is the Double Perfecto. This smoke has a Habano Connecticut wrapper and tobacco blend from Honduras, Cameroon and the Dominican Republic. This is a medium bodied smoke and prices around $7.75.


This Gurkha Centurian is a nice reddish orange brown in color with minimal veins and seams showing.


Aromas of Smoked wood fill the nose reminding me of home in PA. The type of cut used is straight. The cold draw produced a cedar like note mixed with a subtle smokiness.

After Toast:

First Third – Wood mixed with toasted almond, spice and an earthy finish kick off this third. The earth and almond like note linger for a long time on the finish. The burn is sharp, and ash holds through the third.

Second Third – A citrus like. One followed by a floral intermingles with the toasted almond notes that move into the finish. The burn remains sharp and ash fell at the 2.5-inch mark.

Final Third – Cedar and floral mixed with a fresh dough like note and spice finish this cigar.

Suggested Pairing:

Wine – Cune Crianza

Bourbon – Knob Creek

Overall Experience:

I thought this Gurkha Centurian was a good cigar. The beginning was a lot more interesting than the end in this one however. The almond note was phenomenal and I thought the dough note in the finish was a different twist to a pretty good experience overall.

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Fun Facts – Gurkha Centurian

These were originally crafted for the Sultan of Brunei for his own private consumption. These cigars are made of 8 year aged cuban seed ligero grown in the Ciabao Valley of the Dominican Republic. They are found at Cigars International.

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