Cigar Review: Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown

Basic Information:

Name – Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown

Size – Robosto

Wrapper – Brazilian Mata Fina

Tobacco Blend – Florida, Nicaragua, Honduras

Pricing – $8.70 – $13.00

Body – Medium +


​The band is gold, tan and teal with a big FSG across the middle.

The cigar is a rich dark brown with some milk chocolate marbling in color.  There are no veins but had slight visible seams.  The wrapper is shiny and double capped.


Aroma – Smoked wood and Barnyard

Type of Cut – V-Cut

Cold Draw – Maple Syrup and Cedar

After Toast:

First Third – ​A woody tea like note with some citrus components kick off this cigar’s flavor profile.  Few minutes in, a maple comes out on the finish and holds.  It eventually turns into roasted nutty flavor mixed with some pepper.  A lot of flavor transitions happening quickly in this cigar.  Really interesting.  Burn is wavy.  Ash is white and solid.

Second Third – ​Nutty and wood notes begin this third with the citrus moving to the finish.  Burn slightly wavy. Ash fell off at the 2.5-inch mark.

Final Third – ​ ​ ​Nuts and oak finish this cigar up in a real masculine way.  Burn remained slightly wavy.

Suggested Pairing:

Wine – Spier Sauvignon Blanc Vintage Selection

Overall Experience:

Overall the Florida Sun Grown is great new release (2016) by Drew Estate Cigars.  The flavor profile was definitely distinct to really show off what Florida can produce as a tobacco product.  I was fortunate enough to get this cigar at Corona Cigar (the owner co-produced this with Drew Estate Cigars) in Orlando which they highlighted pretty heavily in their shop.



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