Cigar Review: CAO Black

Basic Information:

Name – CAO Black

Size – Toro – (Bengal)

Wrapper – Ecuador

Tobacco Blend – Nicaragua, Hondura, Mexico

Pricing – $4.25

Body – Medium


Band looks a lot like a CAO gold but it is black with red accents, white rim and gold font. The bottom is wrapped in a cedar sleeve with a black band on the foot.

The cigar is light coffee brown to tan in color. Very few veins. Visible seams and double capped.


Aroma:  Scents of straight cedar and hay.

Type of Cut: V-cut

Cold Draw:  The cedar is dominant with hay and grassy notes. Slight resistance on the draw.

First Third:

Initial notes of light cedar and earth.  Some pepper on the retro hale. Few minutes in a creamy cashew nut and vanilla with spice comes through.  Really nice.  Burn pristine. Ash mid gray in color and fell off around the one inch mark.

Second Third:

Vanilla spice and nutmeg kick off this third.  Slight leather component hits about mid-way through as a secondary flavor.  Still some pepper but more of a white pepper finish.

Final Third:

Flavors have remained pretty consistent moving back to the vanilla and spice mixed with a light nutty note. Black pepper comes back on the finish stronger like the initial portion of the cigar.

Suggested Pairing:

Pair with coffee, bourbons or scotches with vanilla notes to further enhance the experience.

Wine – Coppola Chardonnay or Barons de Rothschild Legende Bordeaux Blanc

Overall Experience:

In general, the CAO Black is not a overly complex smoke, but it’s not a simple one either. This is a good cigar for the beginner looking to take that next step without taking on something too overpowering. One of my favor everyday go to cigars I generally keep in my home humidor.

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