CAO Amazon Basin Fuma Em Corda

CAO Amazon Basin Fuma Em Corda

This is a cigar review of a CAO Amazon Basin Fuma Em Corda by CAO Cigars. The size chosen for this review is the Toro. This cigar has a Honduran Colorado wrapper and Honduran, Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco blend. This is a full boded smoke and retails around $10.25 per stick.


​The band is a tobacco leaf rope which is unique to the Amazon Basin cigars. This one has a crossing pattern.The cigar is milk chocolate in color with some obvious veins and no visible seams. It also has a loose double cap.


A beautiful aroma of a bitter dark chocolate show up on the nose. The cut we used for this was a V-Cut. The cold draw produced notes of chocolate, raisin and cedar.

After Toast:

First Third – ​Earthy wood notes hit the palate immediately. Nice raisin, spice with sweetness comes in on the finish and lingers. Similar to dark chocolate M&M’s. A nice tangy citrus component comes into play and adds a refreshing twist. Slight pepper towards the end of the third begins to build on the back of the throat. Burn is wavy. Ash is medium gray.

Second Third – ​​The same flavor components begin this third. Still woody with a citrus and earth. Subtle sweetness of raisin and spice. Definitely rich in flavor. Burn remains wavy.

Final Third – ​This begins to take the spice and transition it into a caramel note. The final flavor profile was a nice toasted oak. Burn turned perfect.

Suggested Pairing:

Wine – Meiomi Rosé or Phebus Torrontes

Overall Experience:

The CAO Amazon Basin Fuma Em Corda is another solid release from CAO Cigars. The flavors were very distinct and enjoyable. This cigar had slight complexity but nothing to worry about once you get past the initial barrage of flavors in the first third. Great cigar and I would buy a box of these as soon as you can since they are limited in distribution.

Fun Facts – CAO Amazon Basin Fuma Em Corda

The name of this cigar means “smoke on a rope”. It is also the name of the fermentation process they use for the arapirica tobacco. This cigar is available in two sizes the robusto and toro.

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CAO Amazon Basin Fuma Em Corda