Cigar Review: Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged

Basic Information:

Name – Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged

Size – Toro

Wrapper – Habano 2000

Tobacco Blend – Nicaraguan, Mexican, Dominican

Pricing – $9-$11.40

Body – Medium +


​This cigar is double banded. First band is black with reddish orange metallic trim, font and logo. Also mixed with some light gold font as well.

Foot band is the same color palate but makes it clear it’s a Nicaraguan Barrel Aged.

Cigar is a nice vibrant medium brown in color. Minimal veins and seams visible. Solid construction all around.


Aroma – ​Sweet, spicy aromas mixed with a hickory like wood.

Type of Cut – V-Cut

Cold Draw – Cedar notes mixed with brown sugar.

After Toast:

First third – ​ ​Initial flavors of oak hit the palate with a subtle sweetness packed behind it. There definitely is some spice on this cigar along with a mid-strength pepper that just slowly builds on the back of the throat on the finish of each draw. Some definite mild vanilla notes show up as well. Burn is wavy. Ash is mid gray and held the entire third.

Second Third – ​ ​The oaky vanilla flavors carry over into this third. Pepper kick has died down to almost nonexistent. The spice brings out a short cola note at the half way point of the cigar, which was really nice on this hot day. Burn remained wavy.

Final Third – ​The oak and vanilla notes carry over into the last portion of this cigar. Spice and pepper kick back up stronger than they have been the entire smoke. Sweetness finishes this baby off with a brown sugar and spice. Burn remained wavy.

Suggested Pairing:

Liquor – Flor De Cana Rum

Wine – Unzu Rioja Crianza

Overall Experience:

This Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged definitely had a lot of nice flavor notes in it, which lead to a satisfying experience and another nice addition to the Camacho Master Built series. It isn’t as meaty of a cigar as its predecessor the American Barrel Aged, but I tell you this one is really smooth in comparison. Definitely a nice niche cigar to share with a friend or fellow cigar aficionado to change things up. 



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