Cigar Review: AVO Syncro South America Ritmo

Basic Information:

Name – AVO Syncro South America Ritmo

Size – Robosto

Wrapper – Ecuador

Tobacco Blend – ​ ​Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, Dominican

Pricing – $9.80 – $13

Body – Medium +


The cigar is double banded.  The main band is the classic AVO but in a teal and yellow-orange and silver font.

The second band has the “Ritmo” in silver on teal.

This cigar is box pressed, light brown with no veins or seams present and is finished with a double cap.


Aroma: ​The aroma is all cedar and barnyard hay.

Type of Cut: V-cut

Cold Draw:  ​

The cold draw had just the perfect resistance and was predominantly sweet cedar and raisin.

After Toast:

First Third:

Initially, cream nutty notes take the stage, but after a few minutes the cigar turns citrusy followed by a black pepper on the retro hale. Towards the end of this third an herbal note comes in, almost sage-like. It is a beautifully refreshing transition. Great smoke output. Burn is pristine. Ash is medium to dark gray and holding strong.

Second Third: ​

Creamy chocolate nutty flavors begin this third as the black pepper settles and is almost gone. Half way through this third the citrus comes back in to the fold.  A slight cinnamon as well.  Burn is perfect. Ash fell off just shy of the two-inch mark.

Final Third:

Dark coffee and chocolate notes take stage here and the black pepper kicks back up a bit. Citrus comes back into play to end the experience. Burn finished pristine.

Suggested Pairing:

La Crema Chardonnay Sonoma Coast

Overall Experience:

A beautiful release from AVO. The amount of different tobaccos in this AVO Syncro South America Ritmo will definitely peak interest and the experience of the flavor profile will not let you down. I really enjoyed that first third transition into the second with the blast of sage, which was really unique to me. Anytime I can get a clearly defined herbal it gets my attention.



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