Caldwell Long Live the King – Cigar Review

Caldwell Long Live the King

This is a cigar review of a Caldwell Long Live the King by Caldwell Cigar Company. The size chosen for this review is the Heater, which is a 5 3/4 x 46 gauge. The composition of this cigar consists of 2008 Dominican Corojo in the wrapper followed by a Dominican Corojo Ligero, Peruvian Viso Pero de Oro and Nicaraguan Habano Ligero blend on the interior. This is a full-bodied smoke that retails around $8.50.


​​​​A nice orange brown corojo wrapper with some subtle dark spots spread throughout. There are a few thin veins and visible yet tight seams. This cigar is finished with a pigtail cap.


Aromas of cedar, spice and barnyard all resonate on the sniff test. This cigar is cut with a Colibri straight cut. The cold draw produces a musty cedar-like flavor.

After Toast:

First third – ​​Salted nuts and cedar start this cigar off. A charred / toast like note sits on the finish. Some black licorice notes hit the palate as well about mid way through the third. The body is full, burn is sharp and ash holds through the third.

Second Third – ​​The salted nuts and cedar with some spice that combines to a nice caramel like finish. The body remains full, burn sharp and ash falls at the beginning of this third.

Final Third – ​ The salted nuts, cedar, spice and caramel all carry over and finish this cigar up nicely. The body remains full bodied and burn remains sharp.

Suggested Pairing:

Scotch – Johnnie Walker Double Black

Bourbon – Rabbit Hole

Overall Experience:

This Caldwell Long Live the King is another great full-bodied stick from this line. I really liked the salted nut cedar combo it started with along with that charred toasty note. When this turns into caramel that is when it really hits it out of the park. Overall this is a fine smoke that I think anyone who enjoys a good cigar would appreciate.


Cigar Aficionado – 91pts.

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Additional Information:

  • The Heater (5 3/4 x 46) — Regular Production — $11 (Boxes of 24, $264)
  • Petit Double Wide Short Churchill (6 x 52) — Regular Production — $11 (Boxes of 24, $264).
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  • My Style is Jalapeño (7 1/4 x 40) — Regular Production — $10 (Boxes of 24, $240).
  • Lock Stock (5 x 52) — Regular Production — $11 (Boxes of 24, $264).
  • Harem (4 x 44) — 150 Boxes of 27 (4,050 Total Cigars) — $6 (Boxes of 27, $154).

About Caldwell Cigar Company:

Caldwell Cigar Company was created in 2014 with a very simple agenda: to create special cigars using well aged rare tobaccos and to enjoy the hell out of what we do. We are a business built on friendship and fun. Our goals will always be: Creation , Innovation & Ambition.

Caldwell products are built using very well aged and rare tobaccos. We use such aged tobacco to provide year-over-year consistency in flavor and experience. Tobacco is a crop just like everything else; It has its seasons. The best way to control consistency is to age the tobacco for a very long time. We have always leaned towards tobaccos that were harder to procure, or more limited in nature, so that we can deliver a flavor that isn’t quite what you are used to.