Archetype Curses – Cigar Review

Archetype Curses

This is a cigar review of an Archetype Curses by Ventura Cigars. The size chosen for this review is the robusto (5×50). The composition of this smoke consists of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Nicaraguan tobacco blend. This is a full bodies smoke and it retails for approximately $9.00.


This Archetype Curses is as solid as a rock with a dark chocolate wrapper that borders on black. There are very few veins and visible and lifted seams on this one. There is one real hard spot in this cigar about an inch long. Hoping it doesn’t affect the draw.


The Archetype Curses brings aromas of Cedar, Nuts and Raisin upon the pre-light sniff test. The cut we used is the straight cut. The cold draw was extremely tight, but we were able to squeak out notes of cedar and raisin.

After Toast:

First Third – Coffee and wood lead off the experience with an earthy finish. I had to utilize a cigar poker tool to try and clear the smoke flow through as the draw is extremely tight. The burn is angled but sharp and ash holds through the third. 

Second Third – The coffee note carry, but the cigar really takes on a more woody note here with a light leather on the palate. Again I am having draw issues and had to poker through another hole. The burn remains angled and ash fell at 2 inch mark. 

Final Third – This third reverts back to the dark coffee almost espresso notes with a subtle spice and pepper. The finish remains earthy with some leather. Towards the very end a little butterscotch note hits the profile. A really nice note here. The draw becomes better here as it past the hard portion of the center of the smoke. The body picks up here as well to fuller. The burn turns wavy. 

Suggested Pairing:

Scotch – Glenlivet 18

Wine – Montecillo Rioja

Overall Experience:

We wish this cigar did not have the draw issues as the profile I am sure would have been a good one based off the notes we were still able to identify. All of the masculine notes of coffee, wood, leather are present which always makes for a nice experience, but the draw just kind of killed that for us. I had high hopes based off last years Archetype Axis Mundi and was really looking forward to checking this out. I can’t recommend this cigar to anyone, but I would try it again to see if the one I got was just a bad apple.

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Archetype Curses