Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua – Cigar Review

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua

This is a cigar review of an Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua by Aging Room Cigars. The size of the cigar is the toro. This is a Nicaraguan puro, which means both the wrapper, binder and filler is all made from Nicaraguan tobacco. This is a full bodied smoke that retails for $10.50 per stick.


This cigar is a matted milk chocolate in color with some decent sized veins showing and barely visible tight seams. 


The aromas of chocolate devour the nose on the pre smoke sniff test. We cut this with a straight cut and had a cold draw of chocolate and nuts.

After Toast:

First Third – ​ Toasted almond, chocolate and pepper all come into play hard on the palate immediately upon toast. These notes hold through the entire third. This is a fuller bodied cigar. The burn is a bit wavy and ash falls at the inch mark. 

Second Third – That sweet chocolate and toasted almond more carries into this third. The finish remains peppery and earthy. The body is full and the burn remains wavy.

Final Third – This final third remains with sweet chocolate, almond and earth on the finish. The burn remains wavy and body full. 

Suggested Pairing:

Wine – Apothic Rose

Scotch – Aberfeldy

Overall Experience:

This Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua is a fantastic Nicaraguan smoke with the almond and chocolate notes in the profile that resemble an almond M&M. While there is not a lot of changes through the transition points, the notes are so tasty your happy they do not differentiate into something else. I would recommend you try this smoke if you’re a cigar lover because that profile will not dissapoint. The f55’s are also great smokes by Aging Room if you like this one!


Cigar Aficionado – 89-94pts.

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Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua