About Us

Family - Toast and Vine
Stephanie, Stella and Stephen

Who We Are

We are the Blanks – Stephanie, Stephen and our rescue pooch Stella! Cheers and welcome to Toast and Vine, our blog into the world of wine and cigars. We are so excited to share our tasting notes with you in hopes that it enhances your own wine or cigar experience.

We met as 8-year-old kids in elementary school and reconnected later at age 21 during a tailgate before a Philadelphia Phillies game. It was then we obviously knew we had the taste for booze in common and our relationship progressed from there. A month later, in the college town of West Chester, Pa, we made it official and became an item. Fast forward 10 years (and a lot of wine and cigars later), we got married and decided to take our passion for wine and cigars and turn it into a blog to share with the world. In May 2017 – Toast and Vine was born.

Our Goal

Our goal for Toast and Vine is to help our family, friends and readers get a better understanding as to what they are experiencing when drinking a glass of wine or toasting up their favorite cigar. We also want it to be an escape from reality. With all the negativity you see or hear on the news, from crime to politics, it continually divides people throughout the world.  We feel it’s important to take a step back and recognize that people have different opinions or perspectives but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be discussed over a glass of wine or a good cigar. Wine and cigars give you an opportunity to sit with someone, share at least one thing in common and provides a period of time to reflect, listen and hopefully understand the person across from you. Toast and Vine also wants to educate you on what your drinking or smoking, which can come in handy to fill any awkward silent gaps in conversation. 🙂

Our Philosophy

Life is short and each glass of wine or cigar represents a moment in time that you will never get to experience again. In that moment, you could be alone and self-reflect after a long day, spend it with friends and create an everlasting memory or sit across from a business associate or adversary to see the world from another point of view and learn how to be open-minded. From the first sip or draw, it’s important to make those moments memorable and that’s what Toast and Vine is here to do.

Contact Information – Stephen@toastandvine.com